The look for a working girl - by Trovea designers

Being in the fashion business takes dress codes to a whole new dimension. I don’t see myself standing in front of the wardrobe and wearing ‘whatever works’ to work anymore. The core obsession and fascination about ‘what to wear to work’ makes my job exhilarating. I love my work; it makes me want to work… Read More

Leather Weather at TROVEA

Out summer, in leather! This fall season we welcome the comeback of all things retro, especially leather – it will only get big(er) this season. With a color palette for leather that’s split between two contrasts – colors, pastels and brights with those still nostalgic for summer and classic darks for those ready to take… Read More

Ever wondered where the idea for a little neat packet of a handbag with no strings attached (no pun intended) came from? Sounds like a modern rendition on the age-old strappy handbag full of space and compartments. An evolved version to take care of the smaller-is-better of today, teeny mobile phones, mini cosmetics, etc. Well,… Read More

Jewelry available at Trovea

I am intrigued by oxymoron’s like ‘pretty ugly’ and especially the new one “enough jewelry’’. There is no such thing! Jewelry from time immemorial has been considered as asset management for women. We are beautiful creatures and love collecting beautiful things. The relationship for women with her jewelry is that of love. She appreciates it,… Read More

Jessica Alba in House of Lavande

We just can’t get enough of House of Lavande. Palm Springs brand House of Lavande brings old world glamor to the new world. Their stunning, mostly vintage-style, jewellery and accessories are coveted by many, regardless of style. From plain golds and silvers with clear stones to more colorful concoctions featuring turquoises, lilacs or reds, there’s… Read More


With the demand for age-old shoe making traditions and styles, espadrilles have been all the rage this summer. Possibly overhyped, they’ve been created and covered by brands from Valentino to Zara (I even found some espadrilles at my local drugstore!) So, you like the espadrilles trend but want something with a twist.… Read More


We can’t get enough of the must-have trend bag this summer, and neither can our favorite celebs. Shakira’s wearing it, Alessandra Ambrosio can’t be spotted without it, and Katy Perry rocked the look for coachella. What’s all the hype about? Mochila bags are hand-woven and one-of-a-kind. That means, unlike your Berkin, no one else will… Read More

Glitter in gold with this golden satchel bag and cropped tux jacket. Both available on

That’s how the saying goes! We know we’ve been away for a while, and where? Well, we’re not in Vegas, but we’ve been to a bunch of other places. and there’s way too much excitement at TROVEA to hide!! For all our early supporters that have signed up to our pre-launch, you would’ve already been… Read More