Day To Night Dresses Perfect For The Spring


Want to look polished all day? There’s nothing better than a dress that can easily take from day to night. The versatility eliminates the pain of planning another outfit, plus it saves you money—that’s a win-win in our book! So, what better time to invest in a wear- anywhere frock than pre-vacation (ahem, spring break, anyone?)! We have the solution. Here are stunning pieces that easily transition from day to whatever the night brings you.

O’Eclat Designs- Fab Arm Candy For Every Woman

O’Eclat Designs (pronounced O-eyklah), is a Nigerian fashion and home accessories label birthed in 2010 by Gbemmy Johnson ,which locally produces beautifully handcrafted pieces with special focus on but not limited to handbags using leather, rich African prints and indigenous hand-woven fabric mixed with a contemporary edge.

Wild Tussah- Handbags That Preserve Ancient Weaving Cultures

Wild Tussah was started with one idea in mind; to preserve traditional weave cultures through art and design for our modern day world. They are a socially conscious Vietnam based handbag label driven by a team of people passionate about creating true pieces of art that are just as valuable to you as they are to the effort of keeping culture alive.


Channel Your Inner Goddess With Agaline

We introduce you to Agaline, India based high-end nightwear and lingerie label made with Calais laces and premium fabrics, for women all around the world. Agaline is a new offer of high-end nightwear and lingerie made with a strong French identity, with an India touch felt with Cotton Silk fabrics, bright colours and shy elegance.

Knotty Gal – Do Good By Getting Knotty

Like all good stories, this one began a long time ago in a faraway place. It started in the small town of Bogra in Bangladesh before Nur-E Farhana Rahman was even born. It was the 1960s and her great grandfather, a social reformer, founded the Bhandari Girls’ School. A progressive visionary ahead of his time, he understood the importance of girls’ education.

Discipline Is Not A Dirty Word – Rondorff – Meet The Men Behind

Born out of the partnership of Jérôme Touron, a Frenchman, and Claus Lindorff, a Swede, Ron Dorff—a simple elision of their two last names—France based label Rondorff is the logical outcome of their combined origins. Aligning classic Parisian taste with Swedish functionality, Ron Dorff is a new idea of sportswear: smart, modern and sharp. Neither precious nor overly casual, Ron Dorff concerns itself with beyond-basics: perfect pieces with athletic heritage that perform flawlessly at the gym, and are chic to be worn on the street as well.

Craft, Colour, Culture With Bansri

Much as the best stories go, Bansri’s exposure to the glamorous style scene became the catalyst that inspired her to create her very own line of jewelry. Her India Based label Bansri is created out of a calling to adorn women with creative, original and sophisticated designs that celebrate the aesthetic outline of the female figure.