With the demand for age-old shoe making traditions and styles, espadrilles have been all the rage this summer. Possibly overhyped, they’ve been created and covered by brands from Valentino to Zara (I even found some espadrilles at my local drugstore!) So, you like the espadrilles trend but want something with a twist.… Read More

We can’t get enough of the must-have trend bag this summer, and neither can our favorite celebs. Shakira’s wearing it, Alessandra Ambrosio can’t be spotted without it, and Katy Perry rocked the look for coachella. What’s all the hype about? Mochila bags are hand-woven and one-of-a-kind. That means, unlike your Berkin, no one else will… Read More

That’s how the saying goes! We know we’ve been away for a while, and where? Well, we’re not in Vegas, but we’ve been to a bunch of other places. and there’s way too much excitement at TROVEA to hide!! For all our early supporters that have signed up to our pre-launch, you would’ve already been… Read More

Johanna Riplinger,a Parisian designer but a global citizen on many levels, both literally and ethically. With American and German roots, French Flair, and Indian passion, you’re likely to pick up Johanna’s beautiful pieces without even asking about her story – but if you did, you’d wear her pieces with overwhelming pride. Johanna’s latest collection, inspired… Read More

       Some reserve lace for under their outfits, but we think lace deserves to be on top – and what better time than sultry autumn! We vote for peek-a-boo lace. Use sparingly, and let it complement your outfit instead of overtake it. A strip on a vintage trunk, bits waved into a flowing… Read More

Tartan’s taking over as the go-to print of the season, but the question is: yay or nay? It’s all about pulling it off right, it us a checkered print after all. We say pair tartan with an ubercasual stylish piece like a cap or torn jeans to keep it trendy. Otherwise, just keep the Scottish… Read More

We’re definitely joining the stacked necklace club, especially if it means we can make a white t-shirt and jeans look dressy These silver necklaces from Dylan Lex, and all of her other stuff, would have to be one of our favorites. That in addition to the great ways they style their accessories, we’re obsessed! From… Read More

Incoming winter’s leave us yearning with summer standards, one of them being showing some skin. Most of us shelve our bare-it skin routines and most of our skin in the dark until the next time the sun shines over enough warmth to call it spring. But it tends to be warm still, the second you’re… Read More

Well, I guess there aren’t too many of us who insist on being barefoot very often, but there are occasions that call for dress code sans-footwear. Think yacht-party, beach bash, or that OCD friend who insists no-one-enter-her-home-without-shoes-off-’s party. And you dread that idea of showing so much skin…on your feet! Well how about accessorizing those… Read More

  We’re all about the convertible backpack or rucksack. How many times have you wished you didn’t have to keep lugging that handbag on your shoulder, or had it fall off while your hands were filled with shopping bags (albeit carrying your newly bought handbags). Or gone to a concert where you wish you could… Read More