It’s not over yet, Cyber Monday still to come!

Missed Black Friday? Don’t even worry about it. This weekend is all about the sales. So get out the PJ’s and spend some time online. We wanted to give you access to the brands that often you can’t get your hands on but you’re desperate to try out like Audrey Akmen, Catrinka, Soussee Bella, Amritsari, Caramel Jones. They are doing some massive discounts of upto 70% this whole weekend, but this weekend only. Hurry! By Tuesday they go back to full price. … Read More

Black Friday Sales

A round up our favourites that you just have to have.

Happy Black Friday y’all! It’s here, the perfect time to purchase all of your Christmas gifts and a little something for yourself too, of course. From sales of upto 70 percent available online (especially if you are a bargain hunter like me), this is my fav time to get online and click away.
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Yes, shopping makes you happy, it’s proven!”

Shopping makes you happy and that’s true! “It is found that making shopping choices can help to regain a sense of personal control on one’s environment and reduce sadness,” the study says. Shopping that is motivated by distress, is mostly said to be ineffective, wasteful, and a dark side of consumer behaviour but the study says that shopping is an effective way to minimize sadness. Science thus has proved that shopping therapy is for real and that shopping can actually make you happier.
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Winter Jackets

Every time when winter rolls around I find myself groaning internally thinking about all those heavy layers between me and my outfit. You may be wrapped up like an enchilada, but if you’ve got a great outer layer you’ll look super cool. What’s the point of shaving my legs in the winter, (there isn’t one) or wearing a bra (that’s actually a pretty good choice) if it’s so freezing all anyone will see is my winter outfit?… Read More

Boots and body type

Get Nitty Gritty with styles that will flatter your Body type

Boots are an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe! Whether they are high-heeled, ankle-length or Calf-length, boots come in every possible style. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how some of these styles will flatter each body type.

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Be Charitable this Thanksgiving

Giving meaningful gifts is the hardest thing for most people, but I may have found one option that both makes me feel good, and (hopefully) the gift getter. From socially responsible gifting to an Eco-friendly one, here’s a spot you could find that gift that makes your family or friends go mushy inside.
It always feels good to give or receive a gift you know helped someone else. Once November hits…it’s all about holidays – overeating, over drinking and overspending. So what better time to put your gluttony aside and spend on others? Here are some of my favourite gifts that keep on giving.
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Brands that give back.

As a consumer of fashion, I sometimes wonder about the role I play in the cycle of consumption. I sometimes reassess my needs and desires (like all of us at some point do) and think – what is beyond all this bling? I didn’t have to look far. I found an easy way to look… Read More

Designer Necklaces

I am happy to shout it out – I am an accessory addict! Join me and lets make this statement, together. A must have and so not last season, continues to be -The Statement Necklace. It doesn’t just ring a bell, it brings the house down. I like attention and love to take a place… Read More