Under $80: Clutches Perfect For Date Night And Beyond

This weekend, you’re finally ditching your oversize work satchel in favor of a chic clutch. Need some stylish options? Look no further because we found some insanely adorable (and affordable!) options that will instantly update your night-out look. Feel free to snag one—or three!

Budget-Friendly Jewelry Brands You Will Love

Affordable and adorable jewellery brands. Today, we’re sharing our favourite jewellery brands that are super stylish and surprisingly priced (in a good way, duh!).  Click through to find your next dainty bracelet, statement necklace, or tiny stud earrings! Hiphippo Price range:  $70 Hip Hippo is for that footloose girl constantly planning her next …

Guide to Samui

Recently spent four glorious weeks in Thailand – partly to escape winter in London, but mostly because I love everything about this vibrant country. It was actually my third visit, so this trip was a little less adventurous than usual (read: copious amounts of beach time). First stop was Koh Samui; one of Thailand’s better known islands off the east coast laden with white sandy beaches and coconut trees.



I just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough.

Even though I’m currently mid wardrobe cull, I just couldn’t resist the super high neck and chunky ribbed texture on this cream knit from ASOS.

Knits are something I’d put in the “worth investing in” category (and more on that soon), but considering this onehas short sleeves I’m adding it to the “trend piece” list, so impulse buys are totally acceptable.


What makes a trend a trend? What factor makes a trend survive the season and what makes it perish? At what point did a trend die and at what point was it just not adopted by “the right group”? If you are walking down the street with socks in your Birkenstocks anno 2015, are you a new trendsetter, a very-late-adopter or just a hippie?

How To Shop For Her This Valentine Season- Impress Her With Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet

With the Valentine’s day fast approaching, I know many of you are probably looking the perfect gift for that special lady in your life. Chocolates and flowers are the usual, but a custom twist can add just the right touch to an already thoughtful arrangement. I can offer some general guidance. But wouldn’t it be great to know what women want? To help with that question, I am going to share a few tips on shopping for your lady as well as some things they’d love to receive from you.

Cotton, Silk Scarves For Women -Ten Different Fashionable Ways To Tie It

Scarves might just be my favourite accessory. They don’t judge you, they don’t miraculously shrink when you’re pregnant, and they have a tendency to stick around. Scarves and stoles are the most under rated styling weapons which can actually give a 360 degrees turn to any outfit making it all the more glamorous and chic. But how to tie a scarf? That’s another story! Not many of you must be aware of the different styles in which stoles can be worn. So, let me take you to a joyride with 10 different tips or shall I say 10 different styles of which some are classics and some will be your new favourite thing.

For the Love of Leather – Balmain-Style Black Leather Jackets For Women and Must-Have Clutches

Lasts for a lifetime and withstands wear and tear – sounds like a marriage made in heaven! Well, it will be, to these leather favourites from designers all around the world on TROVEA. It was a touch choice, but we picked out a compact camera case, Balmain-style jacket, and modern-yet-dainty bracelet that we know you’ll love. All on FLASH SALE FOR 48 HOURS ONLY, then they go back to regular prices. Or come on in and explore all the other great pieces we have on trovea.com.