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Come summer and heading to beach becomes like second nature to all of us. The sea, sun, sand and surf just don’t stop beckoning ever. But, some of us just shy away for a reason, which is as silly as not having the right clothes for going to the beach.

Well, my beach bums, here comes Trovea with its tankini range. Believe me; you will be amazed as to how many funky tankini styles and tankini designs we have incorporated in the range.

Let’s have a look on some of the tankini styles. When you search for tankini online, you will find many tankinis, which are basically a long tank top with hipsters. At Trovea, the difference is the design. Not only the tankini prints are funky but they make a sure-shot tankini style statement. Bold and bright coloured tankini also add to the entire look. We understand that beaches are not only for the slipping through marine blues but also for chilling out on the chair with your friends. Tankinis are best for those times.